lunes, 7 de octubre de 2013

How to make Spanish Omelette

This post is aimed at people who live abroad and are followers of my blog. You do not need to sit in Plaza Mayor for eating "Tapa de tortilla de patatas" or " Tapa of Spanish Omelette".
Today I have a new post for those people who like spanish food but don't know how to do it.
I am going to publishes one of my favorite dishes: SPANISH OMELETTE .Make sure  you doing  everything as I say and even if you leave abroad you will learn with me.
 Ingredients: 5 potatoes,1 onion ( if is big half) , 4 eggs and salt.

Method of preparation: peel the potatoes and cut into thin round shape. Add them in a large pan  with oil, the onion cut into julienne and salt. In a large bowl beat eggs and reserve.  When potatoes already put them into de bowl of eggs and mix it. Remove the oil from the pan, leaving a little. Put the pan on fire and when the oil is hot put the potatoes mix with eggs . Leave it one minute  and with a plate larger than the pan put it on top of this to flip the omelette. Make sure it is made inside and flip back to the plate where you serveThe Spanish Omelette is ready.

 I want to highlight that  If you don't like onion, please don't hesitate to do it without onions is also very good although I prefer with.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful Spanish dish. 
This recipe goes to India, EE.UU, Indonesia and Germany where I have good friends who are followers of my blog. If you need more recipes, please let me know. My best wishes from Spain.

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  1. sabias que la tortilla de patatas española tiene origen en Extremadura??.y que fue creado por los agricultores por las hambrunas que se pasaban en aquel entonces?..jeje Es mi pequeña aportacion a este plato tan facil de hacer y a la vez tan bueno. BSSS


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